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Is It “My Fault”?

The question of “fault” can be a common distressing thought for people with depression or who are grieving. Oftentimes, however, it is not really a person’s “fault” even if the […]

Your Image

Do you do things to finesse your image? What is the “you” that you are presenting to others and how does it reflect on how people see the real you? […]

A Generous Heart

Have you ever had that moment when you are tempted to be stingy on something because your mind is filled with other ways you would rather spend your money? Do […]

Boundaries at Work

This post talks about issues ranging from supervisors with workaholic tendencies to co-worker relationships, covering your back against false accusations, Bible verses on work relationships, as well as practical tips […]

Tiny Compromises

Doing big/meaningful things for God involves listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. When we ignore the Holy Spirit on the tiny compromises in our lives we de-sensitize ourselves […]

Bye Bye Passivity

I am inspired sometimes by watching bull riding even though it is a very dangerous sport. It is a moment of eight valiant seconds that reminds me of the glory […]

The Idol of Comfort

People in general hate being uncomfortable; it is just part of the gut-reaction of our humanity. I am not saying there is anything wrong with having feelings of comfort or […]

Spiritual “Fitness”

These are ways that I believe spiritual fitness principles are similar to the principles of physical fitness: Note I am speaking of something that is different than being “fit” for […]

The Worth of Keeping Calm

This message is about using awareness of tendencies in thoughts and behaviors during stressful situations to stay alert spiritually as well as maintain a good rapport with others. Life support! […]

The Power of Being Specific

My new secret weapon: being specific in the way I think about things! Helpful with anxiety, depression, deescalating anger and frustration, avoiding mania, voices, giving and receiving feedback, personal goals, […]


To what voices am I paying attention – regardless of whether I obey them? What is mental inconsistency doing to our lives? How does God really feel about me?… This […]

Am I My Brain?

Have you ever had a small identity crisis? Mentally trying to figure out who you really are? Does my behavior determine my identity, or can they be disconnected? What if […]

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